Annual Conference

A brief background about the conference.

Association of Nigerian Geographers (ANG) annouces 58th annual conference (Unilag ANG-2016)

Theme: The Geographical perpectives on National Development

Host & Venue: Department of Geography, Faculty of social sciences, University of Lagos

Sub-Themes : 1. Conceptual/Theoretical issues. 2. Geo-information for Mapping & Enabling Governance. 3. Geography Education and Manpower. 4. Geomorphology, Soils and Mineral Resources. 5. Biodiversity, Water, Resources and Hydrology. 6. Weather and Climate changes. 7. Energy, Environment and Disasters. 8. Transportation and Tourism. 9. Agriculture and Food security. 10. Settlements, population and Gender issues. 11. Land Use, Planning and conflicts. 12. Geopolitics and Globilization.

The Background

A first attempt to describe the Geography of Nigeria's Development was by K.M. Buchannan and J.C. Pugh (1955) in Land and People in Nigeria.

It sub-divided Nigeria into three zones based on the geographical analysis of human impact on the natural environment. Some 23 years later, the work was followed by the Oguntoyinbo, Areola and Filani (1978) edited work on: A Geography of Nigerian Development. The book was the output of a regional conference of the International Geographical Union (IGU) hosted for Nigeria by the University of Ibadan. The themes covered the basic bio-physical and socio-economic issues of geographic dimension that are imperative for the sustainable development in the country.

It attempted to exemplify the nexus between Nigeria's natural resource potentialand the human factor. The above books have clearly demonstrated the unique place that Geography occupies as an academic discipline in providing the lead towards achieving national development. Being the most populous black nation and with one of the largest human populations in the world, Nigeria's experience towards addressing challenges of national development will no doubt serve as lesson's to other nations of the world. At the same time lessons from other countries can immensely benefit Nigeria towards the same effort. Thus, if Geographers from Nigeria and other countries gather together and address issues affecting national development in their countries from the perspectives of the discipline, it is expected that inter-country lessons can be drawn and overall human development effort would be better off. It is against the backdrop of rekindling interests in the Geography of Nigeria Development that the LOC considers The Geographical Perspectives on National Development as the appropriate theme and its selected sub-themes for the 2016 ANG Conference. The target audience is Geographers and all those interested in the discipline in Nigeria and beyond.

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